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4723 Lower Mountain Road Lockport, NY

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About Miano’s Heating and Cooling

We’re a heating & air conditioning company servicing the North Towns in Western New York. My name is Tony Miano and I own the company. I’m from North Tonawanda, and graduated a proud Lumberjack in 2010. I’ve been doing heating and cooling ever since. (Little Known Fact About Me: I was born on a leap year...I’ve literally had 7 birthdays) Here’s What We Do: Heating - We fix and install new furnaces for homes or businesses. Cooling - Same.... we’ll fix or install an air conditioning system to chill your whole home or business. Refrigeration - If its in a store or kitchen, we fix or replace it. Why Do I Do This? I’ve worked for HVAC companies my whole life and got tired of seeing the customer come last and the invoice come first. So I split off in 2019 to start my own company and get it right. Western New Yorkers work hard for everything they have and each have a story to tell. My company is not the exception. When my truck shows up to your house or business and I shake your hand, I take pride in knowing I’ll be doing my part to keep you on track. "Our work is our signature, our reputation, and represents our last name."

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